Wyzenbeek Classic

Classic-style Wyzenbeek machines without the protective cover maximize accessibility for adjustment and setup, and maximize airflow for temperature regulation


The Wyzenbeek Tester is a four station oscillatory abrasion tester used to determine abrasion resistance of fabric, vinyl, leather, stitched seams, and other materials. Each station holds a specimen taught and utilize contoured foam pads to apply pressure while an abradant (typically duck cloth or wire mesh screen), which is affixed to the oscillating drum, abrade the specimens for a prescribed number of cycles. Each station has individual specimen tension and pad pressure settings.

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Accessories and Supplies:

Mesh Screens

Our laminated screen assemblies meet the requirements of ASTM D4157 and are available in four (4) packs.

The top screen (facing test specimens) is a 50 x 70 stainless steel mesh constructed of 0.19 mm (0.0075 in.) diameter, 304 stainless steel wire. There are 50 wires per inch that run perpendicular to the long axis of the specimen, and 70 wires per inch that run parallel to the long axis of the test specimen.

The inner screen, which comes in contact with the drum, is a 16 x 16 stainless steel wire mesh made with 0.28 mm (0.011 in.) diameter, 304 stainless steel wire.

The two wire Mesh Screens are stapled along the long edges to complete the assembly

Mesh Screen Photo

Cotton Duck

Cotton Duck fabric in #10 (9 oz.) or #8 (11 oz.) grades is selected to meet the requirements of ASTM D4157, and is available in 36"x180" (5 yard) rolls.


Cotton Duck Photo

Pressure Pads

Pressure Pads are available in 8 packs, and are designed to meet the requirements of ASTM D1056-T1A3, ASTM D4157, and SAE J948. They feature a radiused face which matches the Wyzenbeek drum.


Pressure Pads Photo